Victory Sports Camps
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Two of our program grads assisting in our  2018 China summer camps.

Victory Sports Camps is a non-profit organization teaching kids to set goals and the life lessons embedded in sports. We receive no government funding and the program is completely self-sufficient. It has continued to grow because of the quality of the program and word of mouth from our parents and students.

Why do we exist?

Some of the challenges kids face such as lack of family support, inability to participate in youth sports, gaps in the public school curriculum and lack of mentors can be a real hindrance while growing up.  Sports are the salvation of many. Fortunately embedded in sport are the secrets to success. What is success? How is it achieved? Are successful people just lucky?

After growing up via the ‘school of hard knocks ‘, some simple lessons along the way would have been helpful; better known as ‘life lessons’.  These very lessons are embedded in sports. Our program by design helps teach our students those lessons. Goal setting, perseverance, self-esteem, creativity, risk-taking, leadership and independence. No goal can be achieved without a STRONG belief system. Poor coaching in youth sports is notorious for damaging the belief system of children. The program we believe fosters the belief system of our kids regardless of if they ever become basketball players. They become better people.

In 2006 Victory Sports Camps was born with the idea of creating an environment where a well rounded whole child approach to building confidence and self-esteem was the backbone of our program. It’s obvious that today with the many options available to children today who seem in a race to act like grown-ups; they have questions that still need to be answered, mentoring is still very important and sport is a great tool in the development of children.

Kids need questions answered by people who care. It’s with great pride we now see some of our very first students coaching in our classes and volunteering at our summer camps and other classes, it’s truly a blessing that keeps us going forward.

Our goal is to make a difference in one life and bring value to our community.